About me

I was born and raised in Germany. My parents taught me the Gentleman’s way from the very beginning. I fell in love with being a Gent, what it stands for, and embracing the lifestyle. Although many people may consider me “old fashioned”, I have only gathered positive experiences by respecting others and holding on to my values. That’s why I’m an advocate for trying to be a Gentleman in all aspects of life. With the rise in popularity of the “Modern Gentleman”, I saw the opportunity to help people get the information they need and obtain the expertise of experienced Gents, to become ones themselves. Hence, I decided to create Gentleman’s Game and provide people with a platform that can help them become the kind of Gentleman they aspire to be; old-fashioned in regard to values and respect and modern by making themselves a unique Gentleman in todays world.


  • Cigars – personal recommendation: Cigar Kings robust cut with a Nicaragua wrapper
  • Watches – favourite watch: Rolex Daytona, gold and steel with flex strap
  • Old-timers – the one I drive: Volkswagen Beetle 1973
  • Tennis & Golf – the “Gentleman Games”

Work Experience

  • Internship: Baden-Württembergisch Bank / Stuttgart, Germany
  • Internship: MSI GmbH / Stuttgart, Germany
  • Founder/CEO of Gentleman’s Game