Is this “The Return” of the Gentleman? Recently we have seen a rise in popularity regarding the so called “Gentleman’s Lifestyle”.

One example can be seen in the picture to the right: Igee Okafor. A influencer with close to 100.000 followers on Instagram who is embracing the Gentleman’s Lifestyle in a new fashion; “the Modern Way”.

What has changed?

The way in which the “Gentleman Lifestyle” is carried. Despite still being interconnected with the core values of a classic Gentleman, there are new elements. With our business Gentleman’s Game we will give you close insight to the Modern Gentleman and help your experience and embrace it to the fullest.

Picture taken from Instagram: @Igeeokafor

What happened?

Through social media the so-called “old money lifestyle” including the Gentleman’s behavior has been getting a lot of attention lately; it’s become a trend. The public has especially found interest in the consumption of the so-called “old money people/Gentlemen”. This includes cigars, old-timers, Whiskey & Scotch, and especially the clothing they wear. Through this trend, many fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren, Loro Piana, and Brunello Cucinelli have gained new customers and experienced significant increases in sales.

Picture taken from Instagram: @Igeeokafor

What does this mean for us?

Like the other brands, we want to capitalize on this trend. Nevertheless, our focus at Gentleman’s Game is helping fellow Gents develop their fashion sense and keep them updated on trends. Additionally, we want to provide them with the most up-to-date information regarding the Gentleman’s lifestyle with the help of our experienced staff. This includes recommendations on other fashion brands as well as giving feedback on products we test that may be of interest. The most recent product we’ve tested; Cigar Kings Robust Cut with a Nicaragua wrapper”. One of the finest cigars out there from a newly established cigar brand in Munich.

The Return of the Gentleman is happening. Stay tuned, more is coming soon…

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