Why is this questions so hard to answer? It’s because the definition and perception of a Gentleman has evolved over time. We live in a world that changes every day. There isn’t one exact definition for a Gentleman. Nevertheless, we can discuss how the perception of one has changed throughout time. 

A Gentleman

During the Renaissance, a Gentleman was someone with high social status from brith through noble birth or being a member of a royal household. 

Around the 1900s, a Gentleman was considered and described by two main aspects: 

  1. High social status 
  2. Wealth 

The term Gentleman used to describe someones characteristics. They were often referred to honourable men with values and self respect, whilst possessing status and wealth. However this is no longer the case.

A Modern Gentleman

Today, anyone that wants to become a Gentleman can try and become one. You no longer need wealth or status. To be a modern Gentleman, you need to respect and value the principals of being a true Gent, whilst creating your own identity.

Examples of such principals:

  1. Being imperfect but taking responsibility for imperfections 
  2. Having high standards, not only towards other but towards yourself 
  3. Being well dressed, appropriate to the occasion 
  4. Having good manners and being an equitable conversation partner 
  5. Being open minded and seeing failure as a path to success 

Be sure to take a look at Gentleman’s Gazzette content as they provide a lot of detail on the Etiquettes of being a Gentleman. The principles listed above were inspired by their content. 

Our Goal

As Gentleman’s Game, we want to give you closer insights on how to behave and dress like a Gent. To generalise, we focus on providing you with timeless designs, as well as the etiquette and manners a true Gentleman should possess. In the following weeks, we will continue posting news under the Blog tab, with specific focus on etiquette and manners. In the meantime, here are some key words when thinking about etiquette and manners as a Gentleman:

  • Respect 
  • Courtesy
  • Kindness
  • Honesty 
  • Integrity 
  • Chivalry 

These keywords should give you an idea of what the upcoming blog posts will talk about. Until then, stay timeless and classy. 

Your Gentleman’s Game Team

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